Behind The Scenes


Have you ever wondered how the shapes you are buying are created?

Well wonder no more - We design and cut all our shapes ourselves, using up to date computer technology. A shape can take several days to perfect as normally they start as an idea which then have to be sketched and tweaked and only when we are perfectly happy with it it's turned into a computer image and set of co-ordinates that our computer understands. 

Then the fun begins, our CNC router is controlled by the computer and the coordinates that we created earlier are then used to cut the shape.

The MDF we use is premium grade and we tend to work with 4mm, 6mm, 12mm and 18mm thickness.


The MDF sheet is loaded onto the router bed and the the computer gets to work and instructs the router to cut your shapes.

A CNC router produces high quality shapes which ensure each shape is identical

We can cut 1 single shape or any number up to a full sheet



Then when the shapes have been cut they are then removed from the MDF sheet.


img_1038 The edges of the shape are sanded carefully by hand ready for you to paint and decorate.